– Norton Setup Installation By – Online market is full of software and tools which sometimes claim to give you the best services but fails to do so. We cannot put our work and important documents on risk. So to protect the important data and save our computer from any virus and malicious threats. We prefer to keep an antivirus which always secure our system and ensure us about the functions of our system. Norton, which is the world’s leading provider of security solutions offers the best antivirus software to the users.

“Talking about the name and popularity of this software”, Norton antivirus is one of the best antivirus used by a large number of people around the globe. Be it a viruses, trojans or any other phishing scams, it kills all the viruses and clean your computer for a better use. By using this antivirus, you can feel free to do any online transaction and can work on a safe browsing too. Rather than picking any antivirus, use Norton antivirus security and make your computer safe for a better and smooth performance. You can download the Norton Antivirus by visiting Here, we come up with the best of info that will help you to download, install and activate the Norton security software in your matter. No matter if you have a brief info or you have no info, after going through it, you will be able to activate Norton antivirus security in your computer.

Methods to Download the antivirus

Users have always two options to use this antivirus. Either you can download it from the online store or you can purchase it from retail shops. You can opt from any of the 2 options. However, people tend to buy it online. We have mentioned each and every detail by which by one easily download it in their computer. Before downloading the antivirus in your computer, make sure that there is not any of its previous version in your computer system as it may prevent it to download. Now follow the listed steps to download it:

  1. Visit the Norton official website
  2. Select the “Products & Services” tab.
  3. The “Products & Services” page will be displaying the products.
  4. Now, one can easily browse for the product that they want to download on their device.
  5. Before downloading the product, makes sure that your device is compatible with the desired product or not.
  6. Now click on this, click on “Buy and download” option.
  7. The payment page will be appear on the screen. To do so, you need to log in to their Norton account. If you don’t have an account, create one and sign in with your credentials.
  8. Choose any of the given payment mode and pay for the product.
  9. Now you will receive a link by which, by which you can download the Norton security software.
  10. By the default system, it will be downloaded in the “Downloads” folder.

Install Norton Setup in your Computer

After the downloading process, you need to install the antivirus in your computer. Go through these simple steps and install Norton setup in your computer. We have mentioned both ways of installing it. Either you have purchased it online or you have purchased the antivirus via offline store.

Online Method

  1. Go to the download folder of the and open the file
  2. Double click on “Norton downloaded software” and click the setup.exe file.
  3. Now follow the displayed prompts appears on the desktop.
  4. Now, read the terms and conditions and to make an agreement to these, click on the “Agree” button.
  5. Wait, until the software gets installed on the device.

Offline Method

  1. Insert the CD into the CD/DVD drive.
  2. Explore it and install it on the device.

Steps to Activate the Norton Setup

Activating the Norton antivirus is the final step one needs to do. As it is a paid software, it requires a key to activate the services. No matter if you have bought the antivirus on online store or from any retail store. You must have received the product key that you will be using at the time of activation. If you bought it from offline store, the product key would be in the form of a retail card on the inner circle of the CD package. On other side, if you bought it via online store then you would have received a mail along with the product key. Now, follow the instructions to activate the Norton services:

  1. Explore the Norton product
  2. Click on the “Help” option displayed at the top rightmost corner.
  3. A help center window will display on the screen.
  4. Go to the “Account Information” section, select the “Enter Product option”.
  5. Now, enter the “Product key” in the space provided.
  6. Click “Next”.
  7. Now, follow the appeared instructions.
  8. At last, click “Done”.

That’s it you are done! Your antivirus is activated and ready to use. Now, you can enjoy all the features and can keep your computer safe and secure. For more, you can contact Norton Customer Support team.